Reading Culture at Pro Sports Hanoi "Lifelong learning - Mindful reading"


With the goal of "Reading mindfully", today, in the sharing program of Chairman Phan Minh Chinh and General Director Tran Thi Ha about reading culture, Pro Sports Hanoi staff and employees had open-mind about reading books as well as how to truly read, truly understand and truly apply.

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Accordingly, "The success of a person or organization begins with awareness to position oneself. And personal development is inseparable from cultural training. Organizing a reading culture is not to follow a trend but to "touch" the mind and consciousness of each of us that it is time to develop our cultural "font" from valuable treasure of knowledge in books" - Chairman Phan Minh Chinh shared with everyone.

General Director Tran Thi Ha continued this opening on how to read books effectively: "We don't need pressure, but we need discipline for reading. Just read, don't pressure trying to count the number of pages or having to try to remember all the content, just read! I have a bigger desire, which is to spread Pro Sports culture, from the culture of reading, being grateful, practicing body and mind... to our customers - our long-term companions."

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The program took place with the excitement of each member when they personally designed the "Book cover of your life" - very meaningful values were spread and inspired. Hopefully, the "candle" of reading culture at Pro Sports has been lit, and will continue to spread to everyone as Chairman Phan Minh Chinh himself said: "The candle does not lose anything when light -up other candles".

Let's nurture and spread these good values together, Pro-ers!

Pro Sports, 22/03/2024

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