About us

Our Mission

Pro Sports is committed to sustainable development, providing superior products and outstanding services for a better life:

  • For customers

    For customers

    Providing reputable products and services, speed and quality; Take customers as the center in all business activities

  • For employees

    For employees

    Build a professional, dynamic, fair and humane working environment; create opportunities for employees to develop their full potential and improve their quality of life

  • For partners

    For partners

    Promote the spirit of cooperation, respect the rights and interests of all parties to build a lasting win-win relationship

  • For shareholders

    For shareholders

    Ensure transparency in governance; Increase attractive investment values long-term guidance

  • For the community

    For the community

    Comply with social and environmental responsibilities towards sustainable development along with positive contributions to community-oriented activities

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Our Vision

“Becoming the leading garment manufacturing and trading company in Vietnam with international stature worth billions of dollars”

Cultural roots

  • Bright mind

    Bright mind

    • - Integrity to live honestly without compromise in maintaining standards, not to speak falsely or flatter for personal gain.
    • - Integrity to live ethically and conscientiously to be a shining example for the group.
    • - Integrity to be transparent, fair and impartial in all actions.
    Human mind
    • - Know how to listen and understand, be tolerant and tolerant of employee mistakes;
    • - Always recognize and appreciate employees' contributions;
    • - Sincerely care about the material and spiritual lives of employees, putting their interests above your own;
    • - Wholeheartedly, seriously, professionally dedicate yourself to achieving the goal pepper;
    • - Wholeheartedly with teammates, always ready to share and shoulder work;
    • - Inspire, maintain team spirit, arouse enthusiasm for yourself and others teammate.
  • Persistence


    • - Be steadfast to always be steadfast in your stance;
    • - Determined to always persevere in work, not losing heart in the face of hardship;
    • - Be steadfast in your iron determination to bring yourself and your group into the disciplinary system.
    • - Courage to overcome oneself, to act wholeheartedly for the collective;
    • - Courage to leave behind your ego to sincerely listen to suggestions and opposing opinions and accept them criticize;
    • - Courage to think, dare to do, dare to accept and cope with challenges.
    • - Always ready to accept all assigned tasks;
    • - Always a pioneer in all actions, a driving force for the team;
    • - Always ready to take responsibility for all results that occur;
  • High talent

    High talent

    • - Build core values of the team and yourself as a guideline throughout all activities
    • - Always have a far-sighted vision and great knowledge to wisely lead the team to success
    • - Adapt to constantly changing times, be flexible in strategy but not far from core values.
    • - Smart but humble, standard in behavior, decisive in work;
    • - Always strive to cultivate and learn constantly to master knowledge;
    • - Control your emotions, understand yourself as well as understand those around you.
    • - Willing to share knowledge and experience to create a team of creative, disciplined and skilled employees;
    • - Build a system of relationships, master the ability to persuade, and build trust so that top and bottom unite and work together;
    • - Be willing to trust, give opportunities, and arouse enthusiasm for yourself and your employees.

Core Value

  • Professionalism


    Professionalism is working and behaving according to high standards and standards, creating synchronization and consistency in quality, speed and efficiency.

    The word professional was chosen and included in the names of Pro Sports member companies as an affirmation of the "professionalism" of the company

    PRO SPORTS chooses professionalism as the biggest criterion to create a difference and an edge

    Competition and leverage help the company grow strongly.

  • Integrity


    Integrity is consistency in words and deeds, ensuring respect and reflecting the truth. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

    PRO SPORTS puts integrity as the foundation, respecting ethics and values

    The company pursues and creates transparency and trust throughout the organization.

  • Serving


    To serve is to serve wholeheartedly, to perform well the duties of the company's subjects targets include: Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors/shareholders and society

    PRO SPORTS chooses to practice Service every day for 5 main target groups

    The company cares to create lasting relationships and a happy community.

  • Quality


    Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service; Able to meet customer or user expectations. Quality can be high/low, good/bad. However, people often use Quality to refer to standards, high levels or levels of excellence.

    For Pro Sports quality is understood to include:
    Quality products, quality work, quality people, quality organization. PRO SPORTS is committed to the quality of every product made to protect rights
    of consumers and customer brands as well as preserving Pro's own reputation sports.

  • Innovation


    Innovation is to change or make changes better, more advanced than before, to meet the requirements of development.

    PRO SPORTS recognizes that innovation is the way to help businesses survive and grow in a volatile and challenging business environment

Development history

  • 2007


    Pro Sports Sales Office

    Pro Sports Hanoi office was established by Chairman Chinthaka and Chairman Phan Minh Chinh

    In 2007 Pro Sports established a Sample Room (now Pro R&D Center)

    In 2023, total personnel in Hanoi: 360 employees.

  • 2010


    Pro Sports Giao Thuy

    Took over the factory and changed its name to Pro Sports Giao Thuy Company

    Area: 42,000m2
    Number of employees: 1,500
    Number of sewing lines: 26
    Production capacity/month: 300,000 pcs

  • 2017


    Pro Sports Giao Yen

    Pro Sports Giao Yen Company went into operation

    Area: 25,000m2
    Number of employees: 1,500
    Number of sewing lines: 28
    Production capacity/month: 1,500,000 pcs

  • 2018


    Research & Development Center

    The sample room was expanded and renamed Pro R&D and moved from Cu Loc - Thanh Xuan to 267 Ngoc Hoi Street, Thanh Tri, Hanoi

    In 2022, the Pro R&D building is officially inaugurated and currently has more than 200 employees.

  • 2020


    Pro Sports Hong Thuan

    Pro Sports Hong Thuan went into operation

    Area: 20,000m2
    Number of employees: 1,000
    Number of sewing lines: 16
    Production capacity/month: 200,000 pcs

  • 2023


    Pro Sports Nghi Xuan

    Pro Sports Nghi Xuan goes into operation (GREEN Factory)

    Area: 42,000m2
    Number of employees: 2,000
    Number of sewing lines: 32
    Expected production capacity/month: 2,500,000 pcs


Board of Director

  • Ms. Tran Thi Ha

    Ms. Tran Thi Ha

    General Directors

  • Mr. Chinthaka

    Mr. Chinthaka


  • Mr. Phan Minh Chinh

    Mr. Phan Minh Chinh


  • Mr. Phan chinh Quy

    Mr. Phan chinh Quy

    General Directors

  • Ms. Nguyen Khanh Tho

    Ms. Nguyen Khanh Tho

    Vice President


  • Mr. Amitha Abeywickrama

    Mr. Amitha Abeywickrama

    Material Sourcing Manager

  • Mr. Mahendran Rengaraj

    Mr. Mahendran Rengaraj

    QA Manager

  • Mrs. Babita

    Mrs. Babita

    Sales & Marketing Director

  • Mr. Christopher   <br>   Tar Hoon

    Mr. Christopher
    Tar Hoon

    Knit Sales Director

  • Mr. Samantha

    Mr. Samantha

    R&D Development Manager