[Pro Sports Hanoi] Year End Party 2023 - A Journey of Collective Pride Worthy of Celebration!

With nearly a month into 2024, the journey of Pro Sports Hanoi in 2023 officially came to a close, marked by numerous memorable milestones. On January 27, 2023, the impressive moments of 2023 were vividly recreated and conveyed through the Year End Party of Pro Sports Hanoi under the theme "Journey of Pride".

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Throughout the program, the voices of happiness, difficulties, and reminiscences of camaraderie, as well as the images of captains, were vividly depicted through each content and performance, conveying emotions to the audience. The video clip about the "Journey of Pride" - the journey of building the culture of Pro Sports along with the footage reviewing, brought unforgettable experiences to the attendees. Looking back is always easy, but looking back at 2023, perhaps every Pro Sports member also breathed a sigh of relief and couldn't help but be "teary-eyed" because "we did it".

"Journey of Pride" - the name says it all about the year 2023 for the entire team. Pride in overcoming the challenges, some might say "fierce", of the global market. Pride in the team always accompanying and standing together to secure every order, explore new customers, and continually innovate in production research. Pride in the extremely appropriate strategic directions from the Leadership Team with the heartfelt promise "At all costs, we must retain our workers and ensure their stable livelihoods". And finally, pride in the achievements that we, the people of Pro Sports, have accomplished in the past year, with our bright minds, unwavering determination, and high skills.


Speaking at the event, Ms. Tran Thi Ha - Director of Pro Sports Hanoi, couldn't help but be moved when she asked her team: "Do you feel proud?" - And nearly 400 staff members responded in unison "Yes!" - That was the most memorable moment of the program, alongside other impressive moments throughout the event.

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And furthermore, it was an honor for Pro Sports Hanoi to have the participation of 2 Chairmen along with their spouses, which was the most powerful source of motivation for the entire team, as the top leaders are always there, following the footsteps of the next generation. Pro Sports Hanoi awarded medals "For the development of Pro Sports" to these talented and dedicated leaders of ours.


Wishing Pro Sports Hanoi to achieve its goals of raising standards and innovating in 2024. This year must be a year of even greater success and brilliance!

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Pro Sports, 31/01/2023

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