Kick off BSC 2024 Pro Sports Hanoi: Standardization and Innovation

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Pro Sports Hanoi successfully organized the Kick off BSC 2024 program - Presenting goals and action plans from departments. During the 2 days at Flamingo Dai Lai, representatives of the management team from 10 departments participated in meetings and discussions, committing to implementing many meaningful contents together with other departments.

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In the meeting, the contents presented by departments were highly scientific, detailed, and specific. The 4 scenarios of Finance, Customer, Internal Processes, and Learning & Development were fully depicted from strategic objectives to action plans, demonstrating thorough preparation, understanding of company goals, and seriousness in implementation by departments.

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With the common goal of Standardization and Innovation, departments set many goals to raise standards and apply various improvements to achieve higher efficiency in work. With large goals for sales and culture, departments undoubtedly need a lot of effort and professionalization in implementing plans to ensure the committed goals.

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The two-day meeting also included activities of Unity and Wisdom - Members in the delegation bonded and socialized together, connecting from physical activities to spiritual activities. Everyone together performed a Gratitude Meditation under the guidance of Pro Sports Hanoi Director - Tran Thi Ha. She also shared in the program: "Although 2023 was very difficult, we completed a journey to be proud of. 2024 will be a year of stronger commitments, and departments need to realize the goals set with the highest determination!"

Wishing Pro Sports a successful takeoff in 2024!

Pro Sports, 16/01/2024

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