Grand Opening of Pro Sports Nghi Xuan Factory - The first Green Factory with the largest scale in Pro Sports' factory system

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March 8, 2024, Pro Sports Nghi Xuan Factory - Project built and operating in Xuan My commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province officially came into operation, this is the first factory meets Green standards (LEED GOLD) and has the largest scale in Pro Sports' factory system, besides 3 factories in Giao Thuy (Nam Dinh). The program had the participation of government leaders of Nghi Xuan district, the Board of Directors and management staff of the units along with Pro Sports Nghi Xuan employees.


Pro Sports decided to expand and build Nghi Xuan Factory as the first factory in the Central region to continue the mission of "Committed to sustainable development, providing superior products and outstanding services that bring better life". With the desire to provide more jobs so that people can have stable life in their hometown, contributing to the development of the local economy, Pro Sports is constantly making efforts in finding and invest in building factories in places with potential labor resources, especially Nghi Xuan - a sacred land with extraordinary people with industrious, diligent, eager to learn and enthusiastic people, is an ideal destination during this period of strong development for Pro Sports.

Construction investment with a total value of more than 300 billion VND, with an area of more than 70,000 m2, maximum capacity of 32 sewing lines with an estimated output of 30 million products/year, Pro Sports Nghi Xuan is expected to supply providing 2,000 jobs for workers at various positions. Besides, during today's inauguration ceremony, General Director of Pro Sports - Mr. Phan Chinh Quy shared: "Along with providing jobs, Pro Sports is committed to putting the Nghi Xuan project into operation, complying with "Administer issues in policy, tax, environment... and contribute to the economic and social development of the province" - This is the parallel goal - to bring benefits to workers and localities that Pro Sports always aims to pay tribute to the prosperity and remember the "destiny" with the land of Nghi Xuan.


Speaking in the program, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung - Vice Chairman of Nghi Xuan District People acknowledged the contributions of Pro Sports Nghi Xuan in building a factory of high standards and contributing to the development of workers' lives through providing stable jobs, boosting the local economy. Responding to the instructions from the District Board of Directors, Mr. Phan Minh Chinh - Chairman of Pro Sports shared and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the support and facilitation of the Board of Directors of Ha Tinh province and Nghi Xuan and other agencies, local people as well as all employees. In addition, he expressed his recognition and appreciation for the strategic cooperation relationship and the companionship and support of customers and partners. The Chairman of Pro Sports affirmed: "We believe that Nghi Xuan is a safe land", worthy of being a place where people choose to settle down, work and stay for a long time. We are committed to building standard factories for a better life."

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With the goals and commitments of providing jobs, promoting the economy and serving the community, Pro Sports places great faith in the development of the new factory in Nghi Xuan. Hopefully 2024 will be a year of stable production and great progress for Pro Sports in the land of Nghi Xuan full of potential and gratitude!

Pro Sports, 09/03/2023

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