Mission "Building Factories - Creating Jobs"

  1. Building factories for local communities

Since its establishment, Pro Sports has aimed to provide employment opportunities for workers, especially in areas with abundant labor resources but low job supply. By 2010, the first factory in Pro Sports' factory system was established in Giao Thuy (Nam Dinh), with the primary goal of providing jobs for local residents, allowing them to work in their hometowns, be close to their families, and improve their economic stability. By 2017, the second factory in Giao Yen was constructed. In 2020, in Hong Thuan, and most recently, in 2024, the Pro Sports Nghi Xuan factory, built to green standards (LEED GOLD), officially began operation with the largest capacity in the system. Next in line is the Thanh Chuong factory, scheduled to be established in 2025.

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2. Creating jobs for workers in the traditional garment industry

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At the beginning of each morning, thousands of workers enter the factories, most of whom are garment workers, technicians, and management staff. They are all ready for a productive and efficient workday, following procedures diligently. Traditional garment-making has supported many people's livelihoods, but modernizing the garment industry has created even greater benefits - providing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of jobs for people in localities.

Supported by vocational training, workers at Pro Sports have nothing to worry about because we have built a systematic and well-organized training system, ensuring that every worker is trained, has a development path, and receives stable income and stay long-term. Moreover, this is a long-term, as Pro Sports Chairman Phan Minh Chinh shares, "Sustainable development is our long-term and biggest goal."

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3. A green future stemming from the factories

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As a garment company, Pro Sports aims to offer more than just a job. We aspire to and set comprehensive development goals for workers, support families, and especially ensure that their children have stable and bright futures. Pro Sports directs workers toward a foundational life, followed by future generations. Therefore, when workers accompany the enterprise, Pro Sports will undoubtedly accompany them for the long haul.

Providing employment to change the face of hometowns, upgrading living standards, and creating comprehensive positive development from workers to new localities is the sustainable goal that Pro Sports pursues in the long run. That is the mission of an enterprise born and operating for sustainable goals.

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Pro Sports, 20/12/2024

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