Many joys and emotions in the Kick-off program of 3 Pro Sports Clubs in Hanoi 2024!

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For the first time, the Kick-off program of 3 clubs was organized with the participation of members from various Pro Sport clubs, featuring sports activities imbued with a professional essence. The Cycling Club completed a journey of over 54km, while the Running and Mountain Climbing Clubs completed a 7km run and spent 1 hour conquering various levels of indoor mountain climbing.


During the kick-off session held at Ecopark, members listened to inspiring speeches from Chairman Chinthaka and General Director Tran Thi Ha - two figures who can be considered as sports inspirations for all Pro Sports employees. The leadership talked about the passion, seriousness, and enthusiasm for sports as well as how it reflects in our lives, work, and spreads positive energy to everyone.


The kick-off session took place in an ideal natural environment, providing a great opportunity for interaction, energy balance, and immersion in purity. Hence, a meditation session was also held within the program.

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Participating in the program, PGL Company also presented gifts to 15 outstanding individuals from the 3 clubs. Alongside, there were gifts from the organizing committee and support from Chairman Phan Minh Chinh.

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With a fiery spirit and the convergence of positive energies, the program was a success and left memorable impressions on everyone! Wishing all Pro Sports clubs to always be full of vibrant Intellect and spread it to everyone!

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Pro Sports, 08/04/2024

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