Proports is dedicated to crafting apparel that not only looks great but also performs at the highest level. We continually expand our production lines to serve our clients with a variety of categories.



Responsible sourcing is what drives us to do everything possible to share our values with partners.

At Pro Sports, we build long-term relationships with our suppliers because we know having trust and mutual respect supports our ability to create product more responsibly, accelerate innovation and better serve clients and consumers.



Our customer’s most complex ideas and designs are treated with utmost care and consideration; transformed into their vision with reasonable price.

We continually refine our product line to infuse the latest breakthroughs in materials, construction and technology.

Our apparel is designed and developed to maximize strength, durability and performance. Our products most often include revolutionary features that provide a superior level of waterproofing, breathability, insulation, and flexibility.



Pro Sports is committed to produce high quality and ethically manufactured products at a good value to its customer.

Our customer range having different request, we are committed to follow one of the following compliance program when the request are higher than the Vietnamese law requirements



Pro Sports complies with Vietnamese environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to its processes and practices. Whenever it is possible, we are trying to reduce our water footprint. We are joining the Higg Index program in order to measure our environmental and social labor impact.