Explosive Emotions on the Journey of Conquering the Long Bien Marathon 2023 by Pro Sports Running Club

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With over 100 members, more than 5,000 km of training, and over 30 days of preparation, today, the runners of Pro Sports Running Club officially embarked on the race and successfully conquered a total of over 1,000 km with 4 different distances at the Long Bien Marathon 2023. Despite certain weather obstacles, drizzles making the running path slippery and challenging, the spirit of self-conquest among the 100 runners remained passionate and blazing more than ever.

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Every race, big or small, is a definite challenge for runners. Many breakthrough challenges have been overcome, some limits conquered for the first time, and in those moments of imprint, the Pro Sports flag was waved proudly. As members of the Pro Sports Running Club, we had the opportunity to conquer our own limits together here, and most notably, the spirit of "unity and solidarity" with hands held running towards the finish line. For the first time, 100 members participated together, nobody gave up, the runners "rose above themselves". They ran not only for themselves but also for the team. That spirit of determination infused "strong motivation" into every step and made each stretch of the journey extremely memorable.

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Congratulations to all the members who participated, strived, and together created an unforgettable mark for the Pro Sports Running Club on the journey of conquering personal records and limits!

Pro Sports, 30/03/2024

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