Job Opening

Technician - Fit tech


  • Research and translate documents, identify any discrepancies or unclear points.
  • Communicate with clients to clarify technical requirements and provide timely updates.
  • Offer technical advice to improve sample quality.
  • Provide technical guidance for garment production.
  • Fit trial samples on DUMMY.
  • Evaluate sample quality - Check finished samples (compare samples with documents, measure parameters, write comments before sending to clients).
  • Prepare samples and all necessary information to ensure client requirements are met: print specifications, documents, sample inspection, post-wash fit, take photos with comments.
  • Resolve issues arising during sample and production.

Job Requirements:

  • Education and Experience:
    • Bachelor's degree in garment industry.
    • Experience as a Technician - Fit Tech for 2 years or more.
  • Necessary Skills:
    • Understanding of technical aspects to execute sample orders, ability to handle all technical requirements, ability to address issues.
    • Ability to inspect product quality, propose technical improvement solutions.
    • Proficiency in using English for the garment industry.
    • Basic communication skills in English.
    • Proficient in Word, Excel.
    • Proactive, enthusiastic about work.
    • Ability to work independently.
    • Able to handle work pressure.


  • Salary: negotiable.
  • 13th-month bonus, holiday bonus.
  • Annual bonus based on business results: equivalent to 1 - 3 months' salary.
  • Meal allowance.
  • Social insurance, health insurance with Bao Viet.
  • Annual domestic and international trips.
  • Regular participation in internal and external training courses.

Why Choose Pro Sports?

Choosing Pro Sports as a place of employment is a decision rooted in several compelling reasons. Firstly, Pro Sports offers an exceptional working environment where employees are not just seen as workers but as integral parts of a thriving community. Each individual at Pro Sports is given ample opportunities to grow alongside the company, fostering both personal and professional development. Additionally, the company’s emphasis on innovation ensures that employees are always at the forefront of industry advancements, making Pro Sports not just a workplace, but a career catalyst. Lastly, Pro Sports values work-life balance, recognizing that a happy, well-rounded employee is a more productive and creative one, thus creating a fulfilling and supportive atmosphere for all.